Why Use A Food Sharing App?

Free food apps (freefoodapps) is here to ensure that food throwing is a thing of the past. There are many people out there who want the food you are about to throw away. Food production is a process that involves the use of water. In most countries, food production consumes 25 percent of their daily water use. Therefore, throwing food away is something that’s compared to leaving the tap running. Remember, many people out there are suffering from the issues of water shortage. Thus, this explains why you need to stop throwing food if you care for them. But how can you make this possible? Worry no more!

Dansal is the right app you need to install on your smartphone if you’re looking for the right solution to reduce food wastage. It’s an application that everyone needs to have in their phones. It provides the right solution to this significant issue of food waste. Food waste is not only an issue with the supermarkets, but it is also a big problem on the entire planet. Recent research shows that many people, cafes, and cafes throw away a third of the food they produce every day. But is this the right way? No!

With Free Food Apps(freefoodapps), you’ll get the most appropriate way of turning food waste into a valuable thing. None desires to waste the food they’ve prepared since it’s a costly decision. Food waste means loss of money to the local councils and stores. Other than this, food waste falls in the category of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.

What Is Dansal?

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What is Dansal?

Dansal refers to the free app that allows you to connect with your neighbors and with the local shops and cafes so you can share the surplus food. Also, it will enable the sharing of other household items instead of throwing them away. It is the right choice for anyone who wants to share their surplus food and several other household items with their neighbors. 

Dansal is the perfect option for businesses and everyone who’s looking for the latest method of reducing food wastage. Modern way through which they can reduce food wastage with a click of a button. Additionally it is a pioneer food sharing application that works best for everyone who wants to reduce food waste. Also it provides families with an easy way of reducing food wastage that they throw away every year. 

Dansal features a flourishing volunteer network. Whereas many people have come out requesting to become volunteers to promote food sharing in every part of the world. Thus all of them are after securing and redistributing food in their communities with the help of Dansal.  

Dansal contributes a lot to various communities other than stopping wastage of good food. Freefoodapps (Dansal) acts as an easy way through which you can connect with your community. It is an application that provides an easy and quick way of reducing food wastage. Other than this, there are high chances for Dansal to minimize your weekly shopping costs if many people start to use it.

How Dansal Works

The users of Dansal need to take a photo of their food or household item and then add it to the app. After this, the nearby neighbors will get customized notifications so they can request any stuff that takes their fancy. The users will offer these foods and any other household item for free.

Mostly, the users will share the food or item that’s nearing its sell-by date. Therefore, Dansal is the right for local stores in Sri Lanka that want to reduce food wastage. It gives homeowners a chance to share their home-grown vegetables. Also, it is an excellent opportunity for the local baker to share their bread that’s nearing the expiry date.

Dansal application is the perfect option if you want to move home, go away or go on a diet and you have some groceries in your fridge. Through it, you can share your groceries with your neighbors who need them, hence reducing food wastage.

Also, this application is the right way to share non-food items with your neighbors. The non-food items can be beauty products, furniture, household, clothes, and toys. Thereafter posting a picture, the next thing that follows is the description of the stuff and how you can get accessed and the right time to pick the item. It is after this that someone will contact you privately, mostly through a private message so you can arrange the collection of the fit. Thus, Dansal is an easy and quick way of sharing food and any other household items.

How dansal app works

Follow some easy steps.

Freefoodapps (Dansal) Wants To Reduce Food Wastage

Dansal aims to inspire and empower every individual to take necessary action against wastage of food. Indeed application works with the motive that turning every word into action is the right way to live and breathe in this world. Also it is through this mind that Dansal wants to come with the most appropriate way of reducing food wastage. It will make this possible by providing the right way through which people can come together so they can fight food waste. In this way, every individual will contribute to generating a positive change in society.

Dansal is the right way to go for if you have more potatoes that you’re not going to use. It is the perfect option if you have a tin of beetroot slices that you don’t plan to use anytime soon. There’s no need to get worried if you’re such an individual.

Dansal(freefoodapps) Is On Right Track!

Dansal is a food sharing application that has come to provide you with the most appropriate way of sharing the food you don’t plan to use. Whereas this app aims to offer the right solution to food wastage issues from the grassroots level.

Moreover research shows that over 50% of food wastage cases take place in our homes. Thus, this means that we are half the issue. Obviously we don’t have to rely on big businesses or our government to solve this problem. We can play an essential role in sharing what we don’t plan to use with our neighbors. By doing this, we will come with the right solution to this issue of food wastage.

Food wastage is a catastrophic issue. We waste vast amounts of money every year because of throwing the foods we can’t use. Most individuals throw away food worth massive amounts of money every year. However research shows that younger people are the ones who record high chances of wasting food compared to their parents. But, we don’t have to lose all this amount from one year to another.

Furthermore Free Food Apps (freefoodapps), we have the right solution for this issue. With the help of our Dansal application, we will connect neighbors and strengthen communities. The best way of enjoying food is to share with your neighbors. Also it will make your food taste better if you cook for the loved ones and eat with family members and friends.

Freefoodapps, we want to become a food sharing revolution. As a result, we have designed our Dansal application in such a way that it fits into every individual’s lifestyle that’s becoming increasingly busy. Other than this, we offer a solution to the most significant challenge that the entire world is facing.

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