Travel Weather Forecast

Travel Weather Forecast USA is a weather forecasting app and it will guide your journey, alarm you on the destination, show you Nearby Places (ATMs, Gas, Coffee shops…etc) and live street traffic.

Note: Please read the app guide in the app after installation and before use!

What is the weather forecasting tomorrow for the place I travel to? How to find a travel weather map?  What is the weather forecast this weekly?

Here is the solution!


• Give Weather Forecasting updates up to 5 days by 3hrs for the destination location. So it can be used as a road trip weather planner or as a weather weekly planner.

• Weather details including temperature and wind speed.

• Travel weather route also AKA current weather along the road.

• Passenger will notify by GPS alarm and Vibrate before destination reaches.

• This app shows the different paths to reach a location categorized by the quickest and shortest paths.

• Check for nearby places (ATMs, Gas, Coffee shops…etc) around your area. Also shows details of those places and route to navigate there.

• Show live street traffic

• Much clear and simple travel map easy to use than google maps.

• This Travel weather forecast app uses different background algorithms to take accurate locations and power saving. Further from the guide menu in the app, you can customize settings to optimize the app like disabling weather forecast this week.

• We do not make users unconformable with soo many ads. Our interface is cleaner and neat. This app does not collect or store any user information (Check the permissions)

• Travel Alarm supported a vast version of Android OS and can run on an android tablet or any android devices.

• Best travel alarm app and weather forecasting app for your vacation.

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