Importance Of Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is an alarming issue in the entire world. It is a problem that has an impact on everyone, either in a small or high degree. Research shows that most people throw away extra food or the one that’s nearing its expiry date instead of sharing it. As a result, a million tonnes of meals get wasted in the entire world from one year to another. The shocking news is that most of the wasted foods are the ones that can be eaten. Also, a significant percentage of the wasted food contributes a lot to greenhouse gas emissions. Due to these reasons, it is vital to learn about the Importance of reducing food waste.

Importance of reducing food wastage.

However, the total percentage of food waste has decreased rapidly between the years 2007 and 2012. But still, there is a need for more effort to reduce food waste. But why is it essential to reduce food waste?

From this article, you will get information relating to the benefits of minimizing food waste and how to make it realistic.

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Financial Impact

Food waste suggests making a loss for supermarkets or any other store. For homes, food waste means the misuse of money. Therefore, reducing food waste is a clear way of saving money. When you buy less food, it means you will save vast amounts of money at the end of every month.

Environment Impact

Food waste has a direct impact on the environment. When food waste gets reduced, it means the emission of greenhouse gases gets minimized in the same way. Greenhouse gases have a negative impact on the environment, which is a serious issue that every country keeps fighting.

Conservation Of Energy And Resources

Other than minimizing the emitted pollution, reducing food waste helps a lot in conserving energy and resources in the process. The main stages that consume energy and resources include the growing of crops, the manufacturing process, the transportation process, and the selling of the food.

When the demand for food production is less, it means that fewer resources get consumed in various processes. Also, when less energy and resources get used, it means that more of them get saved for use by future generations.

How To Reduce Food Waste?

I hope now you know the primary benefits of reducing food waste. If yes, then don’t fail to take a step in enjoying them. With the importance of reducing food waste, the next big question is how you can reduce food waste. Worry no more! You’ll get the right answer in this part.

how to reduce food waste - feeding homeless man

Share what you have extra

Maximizing What You Have

Before purchasing another food, it is essential to check your food storage areas and ensure that there’s no food left there. There are high chances of coming across some packets of food that you have not used. In this case, you need to use these before going for another set. It is essential to know the most appropriate way of differentiating between ‘use by date’ and ‘best before date.’

Most people find it hard to differentiate the two as they think they mean the same thing. It is because of this reason that many individuals throw away their foods after they reach their ‘best before dates.’

‘Best before date’ means that the particular food will remain fresh until that day. Of course, this does not mean that it is not safe to consume that product after the specified date. Moreover the best results, you need to use your taste buds and nose to tell if the food is safe for consumption.

However ‘Use by date’ is the only thing you need to pay close attention to. It is not good to eat specific food after the ‘use-by date.’ After this date, the food is regarded as dangerous, unsafe, or unhealthy.

Using Food Sharing Apps

The use of food sharing apps is another great way through which you can reduce food waste. Dansal app is an excellent food sharing app you can use for this case. However, this food sharing app by freefoodapps enhances the sharing of extra between people, local shops, and supermarkets. Also with this app, you only need to take a photo of the excess food, upload it and share a brief description of it and how you can get accessed. After this, you’ll get a private message from your neighbor who’s more than ready to consume the food.

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