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The world is facing a vast food crisis. Therefore, food prices are also skyrocketing. As a result, many people find it difficult to afford good quality food. Apart from the food shortage, many countries waste a large amount of food in good condition. That, too, is a reason for the lack of consumable food. 


But people’s benevolence worldwide has made a solution for people’s suffering from the food crisis. Accordingly, the free food hampers concept has emerged, serving millions of people worldwide. Free food hampers near you will provide food without charging a single penny. There are many free food hamper programs in the world. 


This article “Free Food Hampers Near Me” will give you detail of free food hamper initiatives worldwide.


What is a Free Food Hamper? 


A free food hamper contains essential food items for the needy. These food hampers have food for you to go for about seven days. However, that can vary according to the free food hamper program. Most free food programs aim to relieve people’s hunger and provide them with quality and nutritious food. 


Sometimes you might see food banks that operate with the same purpose as free food hamper programs. Moreover, these programs are also known as emergency food hampers that are entirely free. 


Free Food Support Programs In the World 


Millions of vulnerable men, women, and children worldwide suffer from the food crisis. So governments, capable individuals, and NGOs are on a mission to feed those people. 


Salvation Army Australia 


Salvation Army Australia is a world-famous food support program. They have established local service centers. So people can go there and get a free hamper of food. It isn’t only about that. Salvation Army is on a constant mission throughout the year to provide the needy with food hampers through their emergency food hamper program. However, you must pass the eligibility test before getting your free food hamper. Otherwise, even those who can afford food will grab free food hampers. 


Moreover, Salvation Army Australia is an international movement. Therefore, anybody from anywhere in the world can be benefited from their service. 




Anglicare is also an Australian-based food assistance program. Their free food hampers include fruit, vegetables, and dry rations. Moreover, they take reasonable care to make these hampers match individual needs. Apart from that, the food categories might change depending on the location you live. Furthermore, the service is available only for people who are in food insecurity. Like most other free food hamper programs, you must pass the eligibility test to get free food hampers from Anglicare.


House of Friendship


House of Friendship is another food assistance program based in Kitchener, Canada. One hamper has enough food for 3-5 days. Moreover, along with free food, House of Friendship distributes other essential daily items. In addition, your next turn comes in December if you get one hamper in November. So it is only once a month a needy person can get a free food hamper from House of Friendship. The typical food items in a free food hamper from House of Friendship are fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. 


Harvest Manitoba Food Network 


The significance of Harvest Manitoba is that they provide food for anyone who asks for free food. Manitoba is a Canadian province. As a requisite, they ask for your Manitoba health card. Moreover, international students can use their student ID cards to get free food assistance. The best thing about Harvest Manitoba is that they have pet food banks too. 




SecondBite is a food security program based in Australia. What they do is take the surplus harvest from farmers and distribute it among the needy free of charge. In addition to supporting food insecurity, they do another great job. They contribute to mitigating food waste. SecondBite Organization has succeeded in serving about 1400 charities within a short period.  


Food Assistant Projects In Sri Lanka

Free food hampers are available for only the needy people. So you can get assistance with food in the following ways. In Sri Lanka, all the food assistance programs are community driven. Besides, there are government-aided food security programs funded by the UN. 


Greater Giving Sri Lanka 


People get dry rations through this initiative. Furthermore, this service is available in Colombo, Maskeliya, and Anuradhapura. Moreover, this organization targets low-income families to provide this support. 


In addition to these two, other initiatives in Sri Lanka provide cooked meals for an affordable price. For example, Meals on Wheels, The Soup Bowl, Colombo lunch drives, and Ghedora Connects are a few. 


Find Food Banks Near You Through Dansal App 


This is an app available for Sri Lankans. So finding food assistance or free food hampers isn’t difficult now. The world is growing fast with technology, and everything is in the smart world. In the same manner, the Dansal app is created with the hope of directing needy people to find free food easily. So both food suppliers and the receivers can download the app. Once you give your location, you can see your area’s nearest food bank (dansala). Everything concerning food is accessible here. Therefore, if you have a surplus of food, you can find people who need it using this app. If you are seeking food for free, you can also contact suppliers. It works for both parties. Besides, Sri Lanka and its people are in a condition where they need the assistance of these types of initiatives. 




All the countries in the world are affected by food insecurity. Besides, it isn’t a good sign to suffer from a food crisis for an extended period. It can bring severe results to people’s physical and mental well-being. Therefore, many worldwide food security programs aim to provide free food for people who need it but cannot afford it. This article, “Free Food Hampers Near Me,” has covered a few free food hamper services worldwide. Most of these food programs are community-driven and NGOs. You can donate to these programs to build a food-secure world if you don’t belong to the needy category. You don’t have to donate in millions. One penny is more than enough. 

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