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Food share apps have been made to reduce food waste. Many countries and regions have identified the importance of this. Therefore, many innovators develop excellent apps to help the needy. Through these apps, people can easily find free food. As a result, food waste stops and at the same time, people who need food get enough food for their families. Every year, more than 931 million tons of consumable food become waste. Besides, that isn’t good for the environment either. Therefore, the service of food-sharing apps around the world is worth identifying at this moment.

Moreover, the food available on food share apps comes in different ways. One is the surplus of food manufacturing. Another way is people donating extra food. In addition, some true philanthropists contribute by giving free food. Apart from that, some sellers distribute food at half the original price, which is also helpful. Whatever the way it is, these food-sharing apps’ service benefits many. This article will explore several apps in the world that serve this purpose. So you can find the nearest free food-sharing place easily through one of these apps.

1.  NoWaste

NoWaste is a particular app among others as it aims to remind the expiration date of food. So what you have to do is manually enter the expiration date of the food. Therefore, it reduces food waste and lets people share some extra food with others. Moreover, it would help if you turned on notifications to get the reminder. That is one of many things about this app. The app hosts a social media community so that people can share extra food they have.

2. Dansal App

Dansal app also aims to reduce food waste by distributing the surplus among the needy. It is a platform where both the food suppliers and receivers meet virtually. Afterwards, they will meet physically to receive or supply the free items at a certain location. It quickens the process of finding free food. Moreover, it is an excellent service at the same time. Through the app, people can find free food suppliers worldwide. Apart from providing this wonderful service, the app reduces food waste.

Moreover, the app will help you to locate free food supply places at a reachable distance. If a new item or food is added around the area, the user will be notified directly using push notification up to a certain distance. Also, the Dansal app will send mail if there is a free item around your area. Users can donate or request free items/foods. Users can stay anonymous if privacy is a concern when asking for free food or items. Dansal App gallery will aid users in viewing and scrolling through Free Items, Free Foods or Requests for help seekers. Users can Like, Share and Follow/Subscribe to any items in the gallery.

 3. Food For All

        Food For All app is based in Boston and New York City, America. What this app does is connect people with restaurants. As a result, people can get notifications an hour before the closing time of the restaurants. In that way, people with a low income get the opportunity to get meals at discounts. Moreover, the values given by such restaurants are attractive. For example, it could be an 80% deal. So, it reduces hunger by sharing extra food. In addition, this app contributes to reducing food waste too.

4. Too Good to Go

This app is one of the most popular apps for reducing food waste. That, too, contributes to sharing extra food among the needy. Accordingly, the app connects people to restaurants. Moreover, the app has related people to stores and markets too. Besides, the service of this app was initially given to European cities. Now, its usefulness has expanded even to North America.

Furthermore, the app is founded in Denmark in the year of 2015. By 2022, Too Good To Go has become one of the world’s most popular food share apps. Moreover, it is fast growing. The service of this application has succeeded in saving 155 million food bags.

When it comes to the functionality of this app, if you intend to get this service, you must register. After that, you will see food outlets within a reachable distance.

5. Karma App

Karma is another app that works towards reducing food waste in the world. This app is free to use. Like other food-sharing apps, this, too, connects people to food stores. However, most of the time, you won’t be able to get food completely free of charge. But the discounts are desirable. The app was introduced in 2016. From that point onwards, it has significantly reduced food waste. The service of this app goes around France, the UK, and Sweden. Moreover, you don’t have to be in the low-income category to receive this service. You can get the benefits if you intend to make the world a sustainable place with zero food waste.

6. Olio

Olio is a free space where neighbors can share food items. Moreover, Olio has connected with other business partners like catering services to improve your service. In addition, the best about Olio is that their service is available 24/7. Besides, this reminds people how big the food waste in restaurants and farming industries is. Therefore, Olio reminds people to start the change from the root level. That is from our own houses. That is how Olio connects neighbors through this app. Moreover, the process of the app is straightforward. So anyone can use the app without much effort.

7. Kitche

The Kitche app differs from the apps we have already discussed. Apart from sharing food, the app mainly focuses on how to use food leftovers. As a result, people get knowledge on how to use their food leftovers to produce food again. There are a lot of meal suggestions you can prepare from the leftovers. This process reduces food waste and saves you money at the same time. Most people aren’t concerned about the impact of food waste on the world. Therefore, these food-sharing apps’ contribution is essential to make people aware of the impact.


Food-sharing apps are essential in a time like this to reduce food waste. It is a global matter. Moreover, reducing food waste helps to uplift the environmental conditions as well. There are millions of people in the world having no proper meals. On the other hand, farming industries and restaurants waste considerable food daily. Therefore, the service of food-sharing apps is vital today. The food sharings are made to connect these restaurants and other food suppliers to needy people. Apart from getting free food, these apps facilitate people to get food for attractive discounts. Moreover, some apps are further developed to educate people to recycle food at their homes.

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