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Mother teresa
“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
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Kishore Bansal
"By sharing we stand prepared to build relationships and give wings to humanity"
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"Freefoodapps (Dansal), Helping the World to Help the Needy Ones"

Welcome to freefoodapps!

Freefoodapps is an excellent food sharing platform that wants to end food waste by using the Dansal app. Particularly in this application, we make it easy for every individual to upload the descriptions of their food that they want to share instead of throwing away. Thus, our application provides the right way through which people share the food that they don’t plan to use with their neighbors.

Moreover, Dansal is the right application to install on your smartphone today if you plan to go on holiday and you’re not ready to use the food in your fridge. Indeed we came up with this app so that we can provide the right solution for the businesses that want to cut food waste.

Freefoodapps works as a food distribution charity that gives a chance for the volunteers to come together. After coming together, they collect the food that’s nearing the expiry date from the businesses. The next step entails, redistributing these foods to the community members who need it.

Why Use Dansal (freefoodapps)?

Freefoodapps developed Dansal application so that every individual can share their surplus food and any other household items with their neighbors. Furthermore, main aim is to reduce food wastage through local sharing. It encourages communities, local shops, and neighbors to share extra food as an effort of countering waste. With the Dansal app, you're going to get the most efficient way of using your extra food. You will only take a photo of that food or household item, add a brief description relating to that stuff and then provide details about pick-up area. After this, you will get a private message from a lovely neighbour who's more than ready to take the item or food off your hands.

Sharing food with others for free

We Want To Save Meal!

We want to save millions of meals people waste in every other day. Moreover, we take all the foods that are nearing expiry dates in various supermarkets and redistribute it over. Most people cannot buy these type of foods, hence the reason we take them to reduce food wastage. We will redistribute the collected to various charities, which then provide it to people. When charities share these meals with needy people, the step contributes a lot to their daily services. Nonetheless, they can share these foods with the refugees, alcohol, and drug rehab units. Also, with the day clubs for senior people, homeless shelters, domestic violence victims, and breakfast clubs for children.

Want To Reduce Food Wastage

Food wastage falls at a higher percentage compared to the available food. As a result, freefoodpps wants to use the Dansals app to reduce food wastage. We believe that the app will make this realistic. It will help a lot in redistributing food and other household items, which many people would have wasted by throwing them away. However, we don't promise that this application will help in providing the right solution to other issues that surround food distribution. Such as issues that include poverty and hunger. Although, we live it to the charities to come up with the most appropriate solution. Dansal app can help the communities in different parts of the world to network. Also, it will provide them with the most appropriate way of taking the extra eggs from their neighbors. The application remains to be the perfect option for the corner shop that wants to share its over-ripe bananas. Therefore, with our app, we can help a lot in providing the local communities in every part of the world with a valuable resource. Finally, with freefoodapps, we want to unlock the value of the food we waste in our homes and communities. Also we want to show people how they can save food that most individuals would have thrown away. We aim to change the mindset of people about meals and their value.

Its Very Easy.

Its very simple and easy to use!


Login to the app with with google or facebook accounts. In other words no need passwords user names Google will take care authentication for you.

Add an item

Click on the plus icon add a food or an item or a thing to share. Basically this means you can share anything your want.


Chat with them. Hand over the item once someone needy person asking for the food or the item.


Explore the food or non food. Scroll down on each category. Find and search what you are looking for or share with someone.


Request for the food or item. Get the location to collect. Chat with the donator. Keep in touch.


Receive the item. Say thank you for the giver. Stay connected.

Our Aim!

Freefoodapps has the primary aim that entails solving food wastage in the world. We make this possible by sharing food and other household items and bringing communities together. We want to have as many volunteers as we can. After achieving the goal of reducing food wastage, we will also take the next step that entails reducing climate change. 

Our Dansals app works well for many individuals. Such as ranging from the students up to the pensioners who are in their 70s.  We don’t have a limit up to which we need to put this application into practice. We aim the Dansals app to remain active for the next uncountable decades. In short, we want even millennials to use this app. 

We have enough evidence that this application will work even for the millennials. Just like us, millennials also have concerns relating to the environment and sustainability. Other than this, the majority of the millennials move to the towns where they know none. Dansal app will help a lot when it comes to these cases by bringing communities together in real life.